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Sustainability at Revival Beds

Here at Revival Beds we are working more and more on sustainability and being a manufacturer we have the controls to improve our methods.

Here's just some of the ways we are being sustainable:

  • Any scrap wood we can't possibly re-use is taken away by a farmer who uses it.
  • Sawdust produced is taken to a local horse sanctuary and used there.
  • Protective sleeves are re-used on the furniture instead of plastic wrapping.

To see more on how Revival Beds are being sustainable take a look at our video.


Who are Revival Beds?

Natural woods, natural products and a talented team of craftsmen is what makes Revival Beds. Established in 1983 our beds carry on being handmade within the UK.

What makes Revival Beds different?

  • Our beds and furniture is built to last a lifetime
  • We can tailor our products to suit your wants and needs
  • Our team provide free delivery and installation, resulting in sturdy built bed hassle free

To see more on who Revival Beds are check out our video.


The People and the Workshop

We're very lucky to be able to produce all of our stunning handmade beds and furniture on site, by our amazing team of craftsmen. 

These are three main things our team had to say about working at Revival Beds:

  • They enjoy their job and get satisfaction out of producing stunning pieces from scratch.
  • They take their time, to ensure that every bed and piece of furniture that leaves the door is to the highest standards.
  • They do it right. With years of experience behind them, the team take pride in doing the job right.

To see more from some of our team brave enough to be on camera, take a look at our video.